Name: Artemisstar, formerly Artemisfowl, formerly Artemispaw, formerly Artemiskit

Species: Cat/a smidgen of Fairy

Position: What does this even mean? Leader, I guess? Of Fowlclan?

Roleplayer: Artemis the FowlWing

Appearance: Raven-black fur with a small grey streak, is kind of on the smaller side. Has striking hetrrochromia with blue eye and one hazel eye. His fur is slightly longer, allowing small fairies to nest inside.

Personality: Is kind of smart, but the smartness is overruled by his love of fairies, sparklies, and treasure.

Mate/Deputy/Rival leader from another clan (yes, it is now possible to be all three XD): Hollystar, or Hollyshort, formerly Hollypaw and Hollykit

Special abilities: Can summon fairies, can do slight magic at times

Other: Gets distracted by sparklies really easily. And when I say really easily, I mean REALLY REALLY REALLY EASILY.