The rules of the game of Last Post Wins (LPW) are very simple and easy to understand and are meant to keep people from cheating and this wiki a safe place where people can feel secure. In most cases you should follow these rules unless otherwise noted. Here is the list of rules/clarifications:


The following are absolute do-not's on LPW:

- No One word posts

- No Double posting

- No No word posts

Questionable Exceptions

The following are special cases in the two word minimum:

- Emojis (ex. X3 or :D) count as words*

- Pictures count as words with caption or if it's a meme*

- Random gibberish (ex. afkljslafjwesoifj) sometimes counts as words, unless it is super random or too long. If words are embedded in the text, that too is fine.

*Must be accompanied by at least one real word


- Whatever new rule the ruler of the thread makes up (one of those "unless otherwise noted" moments!)

- The ruler (creator) of the thread can break any of these rules, seeing as they cannot win, because they know the winning number for said thread.

-You may edit others posts, but you MUST also post a valid reason why, and your username.

- You may post personal information, but it is highly discouraged as you do it at your own risk. The LPW community will not be held accountable for any negative consequences.

Please abide by these rules to make this wiki a safe and fun community, and may the last post win!