Artemis the FowlWing

aka bro

  • I live in the forgotten halls of emo-dom, listening to faded MCR and gently tapping out lyrics to twenty one pilots songs as I walk from this place to better parts of the internet
  • I was born on August 17
  • My occupation is being a weirdo/making all songs relate to Wings of Fire or Gravity Falls
  • I am someone who must not be named else all shall be destroyed through the apocalypse (heh)
Hi!! This is.... apparently.... my wall! Beware of cows, magic crows, fairies, and cats.... they will attack without mercy once you have entered their domain.....
Artemisstar (me/Artemis Fowl as a cat): Ooh! A sparkly! SPARKLIESSSSS *wanders away, looking for sparklies*
*cows, magic crows, and fairies join him*
AFW (normal[ish] me): *shakes head and sighs* Never mind.....

Anyhoo, just don't insult cats, crows, (you can totally insult cows), NightWings, most other dragons, at least most of my jokes/references, or Artemis Fowl, and we'll get along just fine. :D

Oh, and I also don't really care if you spam, unless it gets a little too annoying. XD

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