OC's, also known as Original Characters or Own Characters, are often used by wikians during Roleplays. To add one to this wiki, please make a separate page and fill out the following form. You can add other details, but the form is mandatory. Then post your link here.







-Special abilities:


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If possible, please add fanart!

Warriors OC's (Lastclan)

Artemisstar by Artemis the FowlWing

Moonblistar by Moonblishipper

WOF OC's (PostWings)

Twilight by Cometchaser

LOTR OC's (Uhhhh... you shall not pass without posting!)

Harry Potter OC's (Gryffonpost! Wintherin! Postpuff! Ravenlast!)

Other OC's* (Whatever you want!)

*Please put where your OC is from as well as the mandatory stuff!