List your weird things here!


  • Darkshipper was spammed... and spammed some more... and later (on a completely different thread) drawn by Artemis the FowlWing (in Darkshipper shipart, no less).
  • Comet turned into Yoda and tried to confirm Darkshipper (which got Comet a message about how Darkshipper is not canon... which ended up in a ferret fight)
  • Adrenaline was turned into an ostrich with hypnotizing eyes and fed rainbows and cupcakes by Oonbl.
  • Whitefoot plushies are stocked on shelves all across pyrrhia


  • Oonbli killed Cometchaser, so he told her to get the 30% off coupon for necromancy at EZ-RESURECT
  • Oonbli force-fed Comet 1000000 loaves of mondle bread
  • MDS found out he was a genetic clone of GMDS
  • MDS went inside Artemis the FowlWing's head and ate all of the mind Oreos
  • It turned into an RP in which spaceships bombarded Eldrazi with multiverses until they eventually put an energy draining shield up allowing the spacecraft to win by shooting a lot of negative energy at the Eldrazi. Then an AI swarm attacked...
  • Someone turned the universe into fruitcake.
  • Someone tried to preform exterminatus with lemmings as ammunition. It was remarkably inefficienct.
  • "Time fractured into a hundred thousand puppies which grew instantly into slobbering hellhounds" in order to fight an Eldrazi cat.

Extremely Weird

  • Cometchaser ate Darkiller's ferret, so Darkiller killed Comet, and surgically removed the ferret. Artemis then disemboweled Darkiller and put a ferret in him.


  • Dark the Bengal King Cobra Giant Panda Tribrid ate everyone and they found themselves on Planet Dark...?

Wut the. . . .?

  • The Dabbing Oonbl Foundation's (where Oonbl must dab every time a dollar is donated) creation was influenced.

Prepare the hug sentence

  • (Warning: Sad Alert) Our founder, Informous Charm, announced that he was leaving the wikia community... forever.



  • GMMDDSS was born. And Shipped. And shipped some more.
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  • At Artemis the FowlWing's suggestion, Darkshipper was formed. Darkkiller then proceeded to kill any one who mentioned it thereafter, violently and with much gusto. But then... it became CANON! Yoda, Comet, Arty and others danced around in joy and then had a wedding which fell into XD TRAINS
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  • Oonbl and GMDS fought over MDS, the result is still to be determined.