Since the game of Last Post Wins originated on Wings of Fire Wikia, there have been several winners (and losers, naturally) on the threads there. This is the current list of LPW victors, may they live long and prosper, though it is subject to increase:

On official threads

1. Prika the dog

2. Riokodragon

3. Darkkiller the NightWing

4. Zerodestiny169

5. HarpyoftheRainWings

6. SnowblastTheIceWing

7. Skydrop the Sky Wing

8. Glory's Magical Death Spit

9. Moondancer the NightWing123

10. Informous Charm

11. Informous Charm

12. Moondancer the NightWing123

13. Magic death spit

14. Darkkiller the Nightwing

15. Perilthechamp

16. Artemis the FowlWing

17. Darkkiller the NightWing

18. Adrenaline of the SkyWings

19. Moonscorpion1

20. Butterflydragon666

21. Moonblishipper

22. Riokodragon

23. Cometchaser the NightWing

24. Cometchaser the NightWing

25. Shadow W. The NightWing

26. Artemis the FowlWing

27. Stormcloudtheskywing

28. Glory's Magical Death Spit

29. Willowlight7

30. Butterflydragon666

31. Artemis the FowlWing

32. Adrenaline of the SkyWings

33. HarpyoftheRainWings

34. Artemis the FowlWing

35. Whitefooot&Tigerstripe

36. Whitefooot&Tigerstripe


38. Moonblishipper

39. Adrenaline of the SkyWings


41. Whitefoot&Tigerstripe 

More on the way, and as always, may the last post win!


  • On the WoF Wiki, Artemis the FowlWing currently has the most wins, with four wins. Also, they totally didn't add that to the trivia.